Blue Flower

This blog is dedicated to vintage books, worth of your attention. There will be no schedule of publishing, no main (or any other kind of) theme, no predictable actions, just pure pleasure of browsing through good old stuff written, illustrated, designed and printed by the master you probably never heard for.

Or maybe you already know them, but you should know some additional info which is, for some reason, harder to get, despite the speed and availability of today's internet.

The main limitation of this blog will be copyright: only public domain works will be presented here, what means only works by authors who are already dead for 70 years.

My main resource will be one of the best sites ever: with all its 'suppliers' of data and powerful Wayback Machine, but all other data, available on- and off-line will help at creating this blog as well.

If you find it interesting, please don't hesitate of sharing the address of the blog or specific post with your on- and off-line friends and everybody who might be interested. You can also contact me, but I can't make any guarantee, because my schedule might be really tight and I am just a person who can simply overlook an e-mail or get sick or ... You get the idea, right?

Thank you for stopping by and - enjoy!